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Jeff Reutter ( jeff.reutter )

  • We have shown that 3-keto Petromyzonol sulfate (3kPZS), a pheromone   component initially thought to only induce robust behaviors in   mature female sea lampreys, also attracts immature females and is   effective ...
    2017-03-06 to 2020-12-31In progress ProjectRead More
  • This involves using existing age-structured assessment models for the main predators, updating these models for growth and bioenergetics, and review of information on predators for which there is no existing assessment, and if appropriate ...
    2017-02-18 to 2020-12-31In progress ProjectResearcherRead More
  • "The Great Lakes Story" is a 3,000 sq. ft. interactive traveling exhibit based on the highly successful and unique permanent exhibition at the Great Lakes Science Center. Its focus is devoted to highlighting the natural history of the Great Lakes
    2016-05-06 to 2020-12-31Completed ProgramResearcherRead More
  • 9453774 Coyne The Great Lakes Museum of Science, Environment, and Technology will develop a 10,000 sq. ft. exhibit focusing on The Great Lakes Environment. Addressing the core mission of the museum, the exhibit will promote understanding about ...
    2013-06-11 to 2020-12-31Dormant ProgramResearcherRead More
  • Coastal zones of the United States are crucially important to many aspects of society. More than half of the United States population lives within 80 km of a coastline and greater than 40 million people reside in the Great Lakes region. Great ...
    2014-01-01 to 2020-12-31In progress ProjectResearcherRead More
  • This award establishes a regional Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE) in the Great Lakes area. The new Center adds the critical freshwater component to the COSEE network through a diverse set of scientist and educator ...
    2010-02-26 to 2020-12-31Completed ProgramResearcherRead More
  • This award provides support for a strategic planning effort by the The University of Toledo's Lake Erie Center (LEC). The LEC is an interdisciplinary research and education facility dedicated to solving environmental problems at the land-water ...
    2016-02-03 to 2020-12-31Dormant ProgramResearcherRead More
  • A child or adult is extremely ill one day and amoxicillin could eliminate the bacteria quickly and effectively. I found several herbal treatments for thrush, which all included pau d'arco. Capsules ought to be swallowed whole rather than crushed ...
    2011-03-06 to 2020-12-31In progress ProjectResearcherRead More
  • More precise measures of adult spawning-phase sea lamprey Petromyzon   marinus movements are of interest to the Great Lakes Fishery   Commission (GLFC).  In 2  1 and 2  2, the GLFC funded the DFO Sea  
    2015-02-03 to 2020-12-31In progress ProjectResearcherRead More
  • Description here
    2017-03-22 to 2020-12-31Completed ProjectResearcherRead More

The Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Research Inventory is an
interactive, Internet-based, searchable database created as a tool to collect and disseminate
up-to-date information about research projects in the
Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Region.