Program Drivers

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OptionFunding Amount (in millions)
1. Canada - U.S. Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement$14,559,029
2. State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference (SOLEC)$10,860,000
3. Great Lakes Protection Fund$4,385,885
4. Lakewide Management Plans (LaMP)$3,331,107
5. Remedial Action Plans (RAP)$2,545,372
6. basic science$1,137,160
7. Canada - Ontario Agreement$1,092,204
8. Various$800,000
9. Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Network$691,172
10. Great Lakes Binational Toxics Stategy$534,989
11. Strategic vision of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission$476,349
12. Fish Consumption Advisories$389,989
13. MOE and EPA$250,000
14. Great Lakes Restoration Initiative$242,812
15. National Science Foundation$240,000
OptionNumber of Projects
1. Lakewide Management Plans (LaMP)30
2. Remedial Action Plans (RAP)26
3. Great Lakes Protection Fund25
4. Canada - U.S. Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement22
5. Canada - Ontario Agreement21
6. Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Network13
7. State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference (SOLEC)9
8. Great Lakes Binational Toxics Stategy7
9. Fish Consumption Advisories6
10. Annex 24
11. Great Lakes Fishery Commission3
12. Great Lakes Restoration Initiative3
13. Federal Water Resources Research Act2
14. Remedial Actions Plan (RAP)2
15. CVC Watershed Program1