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Helicopter time-domain EM Results over Brandon Channel and Assiniboine Delta aquifers, Brandon, Manitoba

VTEM helicopter time-domain EM survey results over the Brandon Channel and Assiniboine Delta aquifers, near Brandon, Manitoba, have been studied using unconstrained layered earth modeling. The resistive sand and gravel layers are distinguished from the more conductive shale basement and
reveal localized thickening from blind gravel channels cut into its floor. They further distinguish a lower aquifer separated by a conductive clay layer from shallow sands of the Assiniboine Alluvial aquifer and the Assiniboine Delta Aquifer. The Brandon Channel aquifer is delineated, to the
northwest and east of the city where it splits into a main south channel and smaller north channel. The western extent of Assiniboine Alluvial aquifer is defined and evidence for the Pierson Valley aquifer extending west from Brandon is also indicated.

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