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A synthesis of knowledge of the Milk River Transboundary Aquifer (Alberta, Canada - Montana, USA)

This report is part of the Milk River Transboundary Aquifer Project (MiRTAP) initiated by the Geological Survey of Canada in 2009.
The objective of this report is to integrate information from previous geological, hydrogeological and geochemical studies of the Milk River Aquifer with data from the current study in order to develop an integrated dataset for study of the aquifer. The present report constitutes a comprehensive
review of previous and current studies of the Milk River aquifer on both sides of the Canada/US border. It is a synthesis of knowledge on the aquifer as per 2015.
A transboundary extent of the aquifer has been defined, and an integrated stratigraphic study has been carried out in order to correlate differently named but chrono-stratigraphically and depositionally equivalent Formations and members on both sides of the international border.
The transboundary integration and development of unified stratigraphic model allows a better understanding of the aquifer. It will be used to generating a conceptual hydrogeological model to support development of a three-dimensional numeric hydrogeological model. It is anticipated that the
transboundary numeric groundwater model will aid in improved water management and contribute to improved understanding of the sustainability of the groundwater resource.

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