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Conservation authority geoscience programs

Geoscience is a relatively new program area for many Conservation Authorities (CA); it wasn't until about 2001 that CAs started to employ Geoscientists. Initial CA geoscience programs consisted of the newly formed Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Network (PGMN) and the Source Water
Protection (SWP) Program. The Geoscience services offered by CAs has evolved and is now more integrated into regular CA business and has opened up additional opportunities for collaborations with municipal, provincial, and federal partners. In 2008 the CA Geosciences Group was formed to ensure
consistency between CAs for the application of geoscience among CAs. Of the 36 CAs approximately 14 CAs currently employ qualified geoscientists, the remaining 22 contract out geosciences work as required.
This presentation will look at how geoscience has been integrated into the core CA business, which includes
1. Aspects of planning and development review; review and commenting on public policy and regulations;
2. Watershed Plans, including the watershed Report Cards;
3. Monitoring programs including the PGMN, soil moisture, and climate change;
4. The SWP program that helped to advance groundwater information in Ontario through the water budgets and modeling exercises;
5. Other modeling including the Conservation Authorities Moraine Coalition's YPDT 3-D model;
6. Participation in special projects for the development of a Low Water Response groundwater indicator and soil moisture;
7. Participation in the development of the annex 8 groundwater report under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement; and
8. Partnerships with the Ontario Geological Survey investigating locally important geologic features that have an impact on water quantity and quality.

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