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A three dimensional surficial stratigraphic model for southern Ontario

Over the past ten years, the Ontario Geological Survey has completed extensive subsurface investigations in and beyond the Greater Golden Horseshoe region of southern Ontario to support development of regional 3-D surficial geological models (e.g., Waterloo, Oro). The combined efforts of
this work and that of the Geological Survey of Canada over the Oak Ridges Moraine Area, has resulted in close to 50% of the total area of southern Ontario being modelled. Following the extensive work associated with the development of Source Water Protection Plans, there is now a need, and value, in
developing a regional surficial geological framework for all of Southern Ontario. To develop a framework for a regional 3-D model, multiple components are being worked on that include, i) development of a simplified legend of hydrostratigraphic units, ii) identification of a conceptual model to
ensure appropriate reconciliation of legend items both stratigraphically and architecturally, iii) compilation of an index stratigraphic framework of continuously cored boreholes, including borehole geophysics and seismic data, iv) quality control of the MOECC water well data, v) stratigraphic
coding of the water well records, and vi) interpolation of an integrated, fully attributed 3-D model of regionally significant aquifer and aquitard units. This multiyear initiative is anticipating a preliminary model in 2018 with full documentation and final products available by 2019.

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