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TEST IJC project - Understanding Declining Offshore Great Lakes Productivity

TEST - testing a copy and paste from a word document -The IJC finds that the water quality of western and central Lake Erie remains unacceptable. The Commission acknowledges the progress that has been made by the Parties, including setting phosphorus load reduction targets for the western and central basins. In particular, the IJC commends the participative approach used by the Parties for the development of these targets. However, the poor condition of Lake Erie warrants swifter action designed to achieve the targets. To achieve steep reductions in phosphorus loadings and harmful algal blooms and improve progress toward achievement of the nutrients objective, the IJC recommends that: • Domestic action plans to achieve phosphorus loading reduction targets include details on timeline, who is responsible for actions, expected deliverables, outcomes and quantifiable performance metrics in order to assure accountability. • The Parties further act on advice from the IJC’s 2014 report on Lake Erie, most notably with respect to the need for enforceable standards governing the application of agricultural fertilizer and animal waste, along with better linkage between agricultural
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