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Ecosystem Health of Large Lakes: Identifying utility and metrics

The GLFC in its Vision Statement embraces the concept of "Healthy   Great Lakes Ecosystems" and more generally ecosystem health as goals   for the commission and its partners. However, current milestones are   qualitative and not necessarily indicative of ecosystem health. This   project is proposed to determine if the health concept can be   usefully and objectively applied to ecosystem management for great   lakes and, if so, to identify useful metrics that can be used to   guide management action and to evaluate progress. A series of   questions concerning the theoretical and applied utility of the   Ecosystem Health concept will be addressed in a series of four   workshops bringing together scientists from around the world who are   actively engaged in ecosystem analysis and management on great lakes   and coastal seas. A Post Doctoral Fellowship in Great Lakes   Ecosystem Health is established to facilitate the process and to   assist participating scientists in synthesizing results and   conclusions from the workshops. Outputs will be multi-authored   review papers, based on the workshops, to be published annually over   four years in Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries The theme will   be completed in time to inform and guide the next decadal revision   of the GLFC vision statement in regard to healthy great lake   ecosystems.   

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Robert HeckyPrincipal Investigator
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Great Lakes Fishery Commission $ 57,600.00USDEstimates

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Impact of Pollutants
Exotic Species
Nutrients, Including Phosphorus
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Remedial Action Plans and Lakewide Management Plans

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