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Research, Applications, and Policies of Satellite Monitoring of Inland Waters

Research 2  2-2  3, Objectives/Goals:   Through collaborations with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), and   national and international colleagues, ensure Environment Canada's   water quality monitoring interests are an integral component of the   CSA's Long-Term Space Plan (LTSP).    Significance: As for last year, the ongoing research and aquatic   ecosystem applications resulting therefrom is in response to issues   and concerns of Great Lakes 2 2 , the Canadian Water Research   Network, the Canadian Space Agency's Long-Term Space Plan, the EC   Strategic Water Quality Monitoring Business Plan 2  2-2  7, and the   need to coordinate the fragmented remote sensing activities within   Environment Canada. The research and promotion of remote sensing to   the end-user environmental managers and policy-makers uses   priorities comprising the Environmental Scan of EC's Nature and   Research Science Agenda as its template.    Activities:  - Continue committee work within the CSA concerning upcoming   hyperspectral satellite launchings and their application to inland   and coastal water quality determinations  - Continue collaborations with G.A. Borstad Associates Ltd. And   Institute of Ocean Science (The successful CSA study "Water Quality   Products for Inland and Coastal Canada" with G.A. Borstad, R.P.   Bukata, and J.F.R. Gower, principal investigators is entering Phase   2) (with J. H. Jerome, W.G. Booty, and M.N. Charlton)  - Complete reports and papers arising from my roles as organizer,   steering committee member, and invited presenter of the Remote   Sensing and Resource Management in Nearshore and Inland Waters   Workshop held in Wolfville, Nova Scotia in late October, 2  1.  - Collaborate with colleagues T.M. Lillesand of the University of   Wisconsin at Madison, USA and A.G. Dekker of the Commonwealth   Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Canberra,   Australia to prepare a document illustrating satellite applications   to water quality determinations in inland and coastal waters. The   focus will be on the priorities comprising the  Environment Canada   Nature Research and Science Agenda.  - With J.H. Jerome contribute to a presentation-ready package   illustrating application of remote sensing data to Great Lakes water   quality. 2  2

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Canada - U.S. Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
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