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Development of Improved Diagnostic Methods for the Herpes VirusAssociated with Epizootic Epitheliotropic Disease (EED) in Lake Trout(Salvelinus Namaychush)

Epizootic Epitheliotropic Disease Virus (EEDV) is a herpesvirus  associated with catastrophic losses of lake trout in several state and  Federal hatcheries in the 198 's that were a major impediment to lake  trout restoration in the Great Lakes.  Despite attempts by several  laboratories over 2  years, an accurate and sensitive diagnostic test  for EEDV has not been developed. The current diagnostic assay requires  virus extraction from skin followed by ultracentrifugation and virus  observation by electron microscopy (TEM); procedures not routine for  most fish health diagnostic laboratories. That EEDV is still present  was demonstrated in 2  6 by analyses of archived frozen lake trout  collected from the state fish hatchery in Bayfield, WI in 2  3.  These  fish were undergoing a chronic mortality misdiagnosed as solely due to  bacterial coldwater disease. In actuality, the fish had concomitant  skin infections with EEDV based on centrifugation and electron  microscopy as conducted in our laboratory (UC Davis).  Recent analyses  of genome fragments of EEDV have been completed at UC Davis and the  potential to develop an alternate diagnostic method for EEDV using  polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology is now possible. In this  proposal, we describe development and validation of PCR assays capable  of detecting genomic DNA of EEDV.  These tests will allow detection of  virus during outbreaks and potentially among suspected carriers and or  brood stocks as sources of the virus in lake trout populations. The  test will also serve in the future to examine distribution and host  range, potential routes of transmission, persistence and reappearance  of EEDV in hatchery populations of lake trout all of which are  critical to management and control of the virus.

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