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A full-scale field test of the efficacy of the male mating pheromonecompound 3-keto-petromyzonal-sulfate in trapping-for-control scenarios.

Mate-finding by female sea lamprey is a directed process mediated by a  male sex pheromone. In the process of ascertaining the functional role  of this pheromone, three general features of the odor have been  revealed that make it particularly appealing for use in sea lamprey  control: 1) small quantities elicit powerful and specific behavioral  responses; 2) the cue remains active over large distances; and, 3) the  compound may be chemically synthesized. In light of these recent  discoveries, we led a strategic planning exercise for the GLFC in  August of 2  6 where it was decided that development of a  trapping-based application of the major component of the pheromone,  3-keto-petromyzonal-sulfate (3kPZS) was most likely to yield a set of  effective control tactics for use in 2 1 . We will test the robustness  of female sea lamprey behavioral responses to synthesized 3kPZS in two  trapping-for-control management scenarios: 1) applying 3kPZS through  traps integrated into barriers currently operated by the GLFC; and, 2)  applying 3kPZS through free-standing traps dispersed among spawning  males on natural spawning grounds. It is our intention to perform a  definitive field test of a single compound, 3kPZS, in preparation for  its registration with the U.S. EPA under the Federal Insecticide,  Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and eventual application to the  control of Great Lakes sea lamprey in 2 1 .

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