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Molecular diagnostic tool for the potential bioremediation of Lake Erie sediments

The goal of this project is to provide a novel approach for the   assessment of microbial communities associated with the   detoxification of heavy metals and the breakdown of organochlorine   contaminants in Lake Erie sediments.  Gene sequences from public   databases, as well as those obtained through PCR-based techniques in   our laboratory, will be used to design a gene expression microarray   as a proof-of-concept for the environmental characterization of the   functional diversity of microbial communities.  The complete   microarray will include about 1   DNA spots, allowing the   characterization of about 5  genes responsible for resistance to   heavy metals as well as the degradation of organochlorine   contaminants.  The performance of the microarray will be evaluated in   both contaminated and relatively uncontaminated sediments to detect   differences in the expression profiles of genes directly involved in   the metabolism of heavy metals and organochlorines.  The direct   application of DNA microarray technology to environmental samples   provides a novel approach for evaluating the ability of microbial   consortia to remediate contaminated sediments.

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Juan BouzatPrincipal Investigator
Associated with 2 projects
Matt HoostalResearcher
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Ohio Lake Erie Protection Fund $ 10,000.00USDEstimates

Funding 6 projects for a total of $49,873.00
Scope of Study
Field Investigation
Laboratory Investigation
Scale of Phenomena
Impact of Pollutants
Toxic Metals
Toxic Organics
Natural Ecological Processes
Lake Basin Connecting Channels
Lake Erie
Annex Numbers
Contaminated Sediment
Research & Development
Annex 17
Relationship of contaminated sediments on ecosystem health
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    Annex Numbers
    Contaminated Sediment
    Research & Development
  • Annex 17
    Annex 17
    Relationship of contaminated sediments on ecosystem health

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