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Impact of Round Goby Invasion on Zebra Mussel Dominated HardSubstrate Communities

The principal result of this study was the establishment of an  on-going long-term investigation of the spread of an exotic benthic  fish species, the round goby in Lake Erie. The first gobies in Lake  Erie were observed by Ohio EPA in 1993; the species now is found in  all the Great Lakes . It is a benthic fish that can attain very high  abundances in its preferred habitat of shallow-water, zebra-mussel  dominated, hard-bottomed surfaces. The objective of this project was  to document possible ecological impacts of the goby's invasion of  hard-substrate, shallow-water benthic communities. The specific intent  of this project was to develop methods for monitoring biotic changes  within a set of study sites to be established in the lake's central  basin during the summer of 1996, and to re-survey these sites in early  spring of 1997.   

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