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Fate and Exposure of Priority Substances

Goals and Objectives of the proposed research:  1. To determine the environment exposure and effects of endocrine   disrupting substances in the Canadian environment. Studies of the   occurrence and distribution of natural and synthetic estrogens in   municipal and agricultural effluents, runoff and surface waters in   the Great Lakes and across Canada will continue. Research on   endocrine disrupting substances is a requirement under CEPA 1999 and   will contribute to the risk assessment and management of these   controversial substances under Panel Discussion    CEPA. 2. To assess   the relative endocrine disrupting potential of alkylphenol   polyethoxylates (APEs) and their metabolites. Studies will continue   to assess the fate and distribution of APEs and to evaluate their   relative estrogenicity in support of risk management under CEPA.  3. To scope the emerging pharmaceuticals and personal care products   (PCPP) issue in the Canadian environment and provide environmental   exposure and effects data in Toward a Research Strategy on the   Assessment of Human and Agricultural Pharmaceuticals and Therapeutic   Products in the support of the development of new regulation under   the F and DA, and risk assessment and management under CEPA. Studies   will be initiated to determine the extent and magnitude of exposure   of human and veterinary PPCPs in effluents and surface waters.   Studies on the fate and potential control and removal technologies   in STPs and on farms will be initiated.     (chemicals of concern); (chemical of concern); (chemicals of   emerging concern); (chemical of emerging concern); (alkylphenol   polyethoxylates); (alkylphenol polyethoxylate); (alkylphenol   ethoxylates); (alkylphenol ethoxylate); (APE); (APE's); (APEs);   (PCPP's); (PCPPs); (PCPP); (pharmaceuticals and personal care   products); (pharmaceuticals and personal care product); (personal   care product); (personal care products)

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Funding 13 projects for a total of $134,000.00
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