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Genetic Relatedness of Escherichia coli Isolates in Interstitial Water from a Lake Huron (Canada) Beach -- Microbial Source Tracking

Research was undertaken to characterize Escherichia coli isolates in   interstitial water samples of a sandy beach on the southeastern   shore of Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada. A survey of the beach area   revealed the highest abundance of E. coli in interstitial water of   the foreshore beach sand next to the swash zone. Higher   concentrations of E. coli (up to 1.6 × 1 6 CFU/1   ml of water) were   observed in the interstitial water from the sampling holes on the   beach itself compared to lake water and sediment. Repetitive   extragenic palindromic PCR (REP-PCR) was used to characterize the   genetic diversity of E. coli isolates from interstitial water   samples on the beach. E. coli isolates from the same sampling   location frequently exhibited the same REP-PCR pattern or were   highly similar to each other. In contrast, E. coli isolates from   different sampling locations represented populations distinct from   each other.     This study has identified a unique ecological niche within the   foreshore area of the beach where E. coli may survive and possibly   multiply outside of host organisms. The results are of interest as   increasing concentrations of E. coli in recreational waters are   often considered to be an indication of recent fecal pollution.    (microbial source tracking); (MST); (bacterial source tracking);   (BST)

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