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How do Plant Species Invasions Affect Water Quality Services Performed by Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands?

This project will determine how plant species invasions influence   the biogeochemical capacity of Illinois/Indiana Great Lakes coastal   wetlands to remove nitrogen through denitrification; provide science-  based recommendations to managers challenged with maintaining the   ecological integrity of Illinois/Indiana Great Lakes coastal   wetlands, and to help them prioritize efforts to manage invaded   wetlands.    1) Characterize the relationships between invasive species and water   quality ecosystem services in Illinois and Indiana coastal wetlands.   1a: Determine effects of invasive species cover (Typha x glauca and   Phragmites australis) on denitrification rates. 1b: Determine if   high cover of invasive species promotes terrestrialization   (increased elevation, reduced soil moisture and redox potential) and   if such abiotic changes reduce denitrification.  2) Develop site-specific management recommendations for optimizing   ecosystem services based on improved understanding of invasive   species effects on denitrification.  3) Provide educational and research opportunities for graduate and   undergraduate students centered on improving the scientific basis   for stewardship of IL-IN coastal wetlands.     (Typha x glauca); (Phragmites australis); (phragmite); (phragmites);   (denitrification); (nitrogen)

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Impact of water quality and AIS on fish and wildlife populations and habitats
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    Annex Numbers
    Research & Development
  • Annex 17
    Annex 17
    Impact of water quality and AIS on fish and wildlife populations and habitats

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