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Politics of Sustainable Development: Citizens, Unions, and the Corporations

Analyses of the roles of actors such as citizens' groups and unions   in the formation of public policy have been notably lacking in   Canada. The regulatory battles studied here include: the amendment to   the Ontario Environmental Protection Act which became known as   the "Spills Bill"; Ontario's Municipal-Industrial Strategy of   Abatement for pollution entering waterways; the introduction of the   Canadian Environmental Protection Act; the public review of the Great   Lakes Water Quality Agreement; and the public participation process   for the Remedial Action Plans for the "areas of concern" in the Great   Lakes Basin.       In addition to documenting the struggles of citizens groups and   environmental organizations to shape environmental regulation in the   198 s and 199 s, the author compares the responses of two   industrial trade unions to environmental regulation of industry and   the growing influence of the environmental movement. These are: the   Energy and Chemical Workers Union (ECWU) and the Canadian Auto   Workers Union (CAW). She also examines the strategies adopted by   corporations and business associations in their efforts to shape   environmental policy.     Using documentary evidence, interviews, and survey work, Adkin   studies the potential of new social movements and the labour movement   to pose radical challenges to the hegemonic model of development in   the West. Although there are considerable obstacles on both sides,   the author believes that the potential exists for a convergence   between a radicalized "social unionism" and the popular democratic   discourse of political ecology. While ecological critiques were   overshadowed in the 199 s by deepening social inequalities, many   labour and other social movement activists involved in coalition   building have grasped the counter-hegemonic potential of "green   economics" and democratic discourse. 

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