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Development and Deployment of a Remote Observing System for Determination of Taxon-specific Phytoplankton Abundance

Development of advanced water quality sensors suitable for robotic   deployment is a critical need for CEEES (Syracuse Center of   Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems). We propose to   develop three unique sensor systems that will provide near real time   information on changes in taxon-specific phytoplankton abundance.   This information is important both as an estimate of ecosystem   health and for the development and monitoring of remediation   efforts. The first system is based on the BBE FluoroProbe and uses a   combination of excitation and emission wavelengths to distinguish   phytoplankton at the division level (e.g. green algae, diatoms,   cyanobacteria). The second and third systems uses specific algal   pigment signatures in the visible region (second system) or their   fluorescence fingerprint (third system) to distinguish phytoplankton   below the division level. The FluoroProbe system will be validated   at the ESF testing facility and deployed on a buoy in the St.   Lawrence River. The other two systems will be constructed and   deployed in Onondaga Lake, Oneida Lake and/or Lake Ontario to test   their ability to distinguish between benign and potentially harmful   cyanobacterial blooms. All three systems have the potential to   provide critical information for immediate use in management   decisions and for incorporation into the existing CEEES network of   water quality monitors.    (phytoplankton); (algae); (algal); (green algae); (diatoms);   (cyanobacteria); (Lake Ontario)

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