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Epizootic Epitheliotropic Disease (EED) of Lake Trout: Detection andIdentification of the Causative Virus (EEDV)

The investigators have established EED in young lake trout, which   will be the source of virus for developing and for assessing the   diagnostic capabilities of molecular probes and cell cultures.  Cell   cultures will be developed from undifferentiated embryonic cells,   from embryos, and from fingerling epidermal tissue sources.  Cell   populations will be cloned to provide a spectrum of cell types,   which will be evaluated for their potential to support replication   of EEDV.  Purified EEDV will be probed using degenerate primer   sequences developed from conserved regions of herpesviruses of   piscine, amphibian, and reptilian origin to identify putative   diagnostic candidates.  Candidate probes will also be developed   using subtractive analysis of control and infected tissue.  Data   will be evaluated to identify specific DNA sequences as primers for   polymerase chain reaction assays.  The research addresses the GLFC Strategic Vision of a Healthy   Great Lakes Ecosystem, the Research Theme Area "Role of Diseases in   the Abundance of Wild Fish Populations," and a "Specific Research   Priority" identified by the Great Lakes Fish Health Committee, i.e.   developing a diagnostic tool for EED.  The research addresses the   gap in the capability of state and Federal agencies to detect,   diagnose, and identify EED and EEDV, which impedes the strategies to   management of lake trout in the Great Lakes basin.  

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