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Landuse Impacts on Nutrient Dynamics and Primary Production in Streams

1.Analysis of relationships between periphyton growth and nutrients   for northern rivers in Alberta, as part of NREI.  2.Analysis of relationships between aquatic plant growth and   nutrients for streams in the St. Lawrence Lowlands, as part of Great   Lakes.  3.Analysis of data on the effects of forest fire and timber harvest   on western boreal streams, as part of joint program with Univ.   Alberta funded by NSERC and AlPac (Alberta Pacific Forestry Products   Inc.).    Goals and Objectives  - Nutrient (N and P) loading from point and non-point sources   affects the chemistry and biological communities of receiving   waters. Impacts include accelerated eutrophication of surface waters   resulting in loss of habitat, changes in biodiversity, and loss of   recreational potential.    - The aim of this study is to evaluate the impacts of nutrient   loading from non-point sources (agriculture and forestry) and point   sources (municipal wastewater discharge, industrial inputs) on   nutrient dynamics and primary production in streams and rivers.    - This study will quantify the impacts of nutrients on aquatic plant   growth in flowing waters, develop an approach for setting nutrient   guidelines, and provide recommendations for nutrient guidelines in   key ecoregions of Canada (the western boreal forest of Alberta and   the St. Lawrence Lowlands of Ontario/Quebec.   - This work contributes to the NREI and the Great Lakes Action Plan.

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Funding 13 projects for a total of $134,000.00
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Remedial Action Plans and Lakewide Management Plans
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    Annex Numbers
    Pollution from Contaminated Groundwater
    Remedial Action Plans and Lakewide Management Plans
    Surveillance and Monitoring
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