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Genetic Stock Structure of Lake Whitefish in Northern Lake Michigan and Green Bay

Lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) have comprised an important   commercial fishery on Lake Michigan since the 18  's. This   commercial fishery is managed through the use of quotas and   management zones rather than on a stock basis. There are concerns   about the management of potentially shared stocks being commercially   harvested by Michigan and Wisconsin state-licensed and native   commercial fishing operations. Stocks represent the basic biological   unit for fish management efforts and, therefore, stock   discrimination is an integral part of sound, science-based,   fisheries management programs. Previous studies indicated potential   stock structure, however, questions still exist regarding the   number, distribution, and discreteness of Lake Michigan lake   whitefish stocks. Our objectives are to 1) determine the extent of   lake whitefish microsatellite (31 loci) and mitochondrial DNA   genetic diversity (1 locus, multiple potential alleles) within and   among putative Lake Michigan lake whitefish spawning aggregates and   the utility of the individual markers to provide discrimination   among spawning stocks of lake whitefish; and 2) describe the genetic   population structure of spawning lake whitefish aggregates in   northern Lake Michigan and Green Bay in terms of genetic stock   identification and degree of stock isolation.  The use of these   molecular markers coupled with the previous research and knowledge   of fish movement within northern Lake Michigan and Green Bay lake   whitefish populations should provide a level of resolution necessary   to provide a quantitative discrimination of lake whitefish stocks in   this area. Questions and concerns regarding exploitation and proper   allocation and management of the lake whitefish resource in Lake   Michigan center on the ability to discriminate and recognize these   stocks.   This project is expected to provide key the needed data to   allow management agencies to more effectively manage the lake   whitefish resource in Lake Michigan.

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