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Lake Erie Public Forums and Projects

The Delta Institute will facilitate both the Lake Erie Public Forum   and the Lake Michigan Public Forum.  In this cooperative agreement,   the Delta Institute will work closely with the GLNPO Lake Erie team   to commence work binationally on three projects selected by the Lake   Erie Public Forum to begin implementing the Lake Erie Lakewide   Management Plan:   (1) improving land use management in watersheds;   (2) emerging issues BMP implementation; and   (3) chemicals and human health dialogue.      The Delta Institute will also produce a watershed strategy near the   end of completion of these projects which will enable the Forum and   the Lake Erie Work Group to duplicate the successes of these   projects in other watersheds and learn from any failures.      (Lake Erie); (human health); (chemical); (chemicals); (land   management); (watersheds); (BMP); (best managment practice); (LaMP);   (RAP); (remedial action plan); (Lakewide Management Plan); (LaMP/RAP)

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