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A Baseline and Watershed Assessment in the Lynx Creek, Brenot Creek and Portage Creek Watersheds, near Hudson's Hope, B.C.

This project served as a pilot project for contaminant source   identification work in watersheds throughout the region. It was also   used as a baseline project for coal bed methane development. The   contaminant source identification portion included about 7  chemical   parameters as well as bacteria and some bacteria source tracking.    The goal of this project was to determine the baseline of water   chemistry in the watersheds before coal bed methane well   development, and to identify contaminants from various land use   sectors, such as agricultural and residential.    (microbial source tracking); (MST); (bacterial source tracking);   (BST); (chemical); (methane); (bacteria)

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Gabi MatschaPrincipal Investigator
Associated with 3 projects
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Funding 5 projects for a total of $205,000.00
Scope of Study
Field Investigation
Laboratory Investigation
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Human Health
Beneficial Use Impairment Assessments
Restrictions on Drinking Water Consumption or Taste and Odour Problems

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