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Water Quality Source Identification in the Kiskatinaw Watershed near Dawson Creek, B.C.

Community source watersheds in this project were prioritized for the   above sampling program using a risk matrix based on the following   scoring factors:  - surface water vs. ground water,  - level of water treatment,  - population size served,  - potential for upstream diffuse and point-source pollution,  - availability of current, high-quality and representative data on   each raw water source,  - reports of past outbreaks of waterborne illness, and  - ability/willingness of local purveyors to assist with sampling.    The project objective was to identify land use activity types in the   watershed that contribute contaminants to the system that may impact   the drinking water quality and treatment system downstream. In order   to ensure a multi barrier protection system, Ministry of Environment   supports land use management within watersheds used for drinking   water. This project was to identify source activities in order to   focus management on the most critical contributors. The project used   a genetic assay that detects 16-S ribosomal genomic DNA from the   host-specific intestinal bacterial group Bacteroides and thereby   identifies the organisms responsible for fecal contamination in   water samples. In partnership with the BC Centre for Disease Control   and the University of British Columbia, an attempt was made to also   identify sources for the parasites Giardia and Cryptosporidium   through scat sampling and sequencing. Human infectuous strains were   found in the water column.     (microbial source tracking); (MST); (bacterial source tracking);   (BST); (surface water); (groundwater); (pollution)

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Gabi MatschaPrincipal Investigator
Associated with 3 projects
Judy Isaac-RentonResearcher
Associated with 1 projects
Ministry of Environment $ 50,000.00CADEstimates

Funding 5 projects for a total of $205,000.00
B.C. Centre for Disease Control $ 14,000.00CADEstimates

Funding 1 projects for a total of $14,000.00

Funding 1 projects for a total of $0.00
Scope of Study
Field Investigation
Laboratory Investigation
Impact of Pollutants
Nutrients, Including Phosphorus
Toxic Metals
Toxic Organics
Region Being Monitored
Land Use
Tributary Mouth
Resource Being Monitored
Agricultural Land Use
Emission / Release / Discharge / Waste Management
Human Health
Societal/Surface Water
Suspended Sediments
Urban Land Use
Beneficial Use Impairment Assessments
Restrictions on Drinking Water Consumption or Taste and Odour Problems

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