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Exploring with ROV's (underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles):Measuring the effect on learning outcomes and engagement ofparticipants in science exploration and education ROV programs.

Research Question and Significance:  The purpose of this study is to  measure the effect using an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV)  has on 6-12 grade students' and adults' understanding of natural  marine environments.  Effect is operationalized by measuring the  intensity level at which students are engaged in the educational  program as well as the consistency with which they meet the measurable  outcomes of the educational program, i.e. learning outcomes.  Program  participants will explore water environments, e.g. Lake Michigan or  various inland Michigan or Virginia ponds, lakes, and wetlands, with  the ROV as part of a pre-designed marine science education program.      Project Objectives:   For this project, we are measuring engagement  levels and learning styles of individuals who participate in an  experiential based marine science and exploration programs designed  for use with a small ROV to determine the effect on learning outcomes  and perceptions of using the ROV.    Methods:   The participants will be students in grades 6-12 and/or  adults across the lifespan. We will use aquatic education programs  designed similar to NOAA's Learning Ocean Science Through Ocean  Exploration curriculum.  Specifically, the curriculum will include the  lessons from the following chapters: Ocean Explorer, Community Ecology  and Sampling, and Potential Human Impacts. Participants who engage  with the ROV will do so in one of three modes, i.e. first-hand  experience operating the ROV, first-hand observation of an educator  operating the ROV, or remote observation via satellite of the ROV  being operated real time. Age appropriate questionnaires will be used  in conjunction with program evaluations to measure learning styles,  engagement levels during the program and levels and types of  information retained immediately upon program completion.

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