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Regional VHS/VHSV Informational Meeting for Marine Fisheries Extension, Fish Health Professionals and Fisheries Management Agencies in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York

Project Objectives:  - Summarize current state of knowledge: distribution, viral   dynamics, infection  routes, population impacts, disease pathology, diagnostic tools.  - Identify information gaps.  - Encourage more widespread monitoring for fish diseases.  - Encourage adoption and use of high tech diagnostic tools  - Encourage support for additional funding for research and   extension efforts.    Outcomes/Products:  - Establish a VHS working group of SG fisheries extension   professionals, fisheries researchers/managers and commercial fishing   industry representatives in the Northwestern Atlantic and Great   Lakes.  - Establish a research contact list for VHS worldwide.  - A CD of important VHS research pdfs published worldwide.  - Development of a VHS Action Plan for marine Sea Grant States in   the event of further spread, possible fish health effects.    (VHS); (VHSv); (viral hemorrhagic septicemia); (viral haemorrhagic   septicaemia); (viral hemmorrhagic septicemia)

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Paul BowserPrincipal Investigator
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James W. CaseyResearcher
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David MacNeillResearcher
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JIll RollandResearcher
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Mark FastResearcher
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Gael KurathResearcher
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David BeutelResearcher
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Antoinette ClemetsonResearcher
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Rhode Island Sea Grant $ 2,000.00USDEstimates

Funding 1 projects for a total of $2,000.00
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Impact of water quality and AIS on fish and wildlife populations and habitats

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