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Effects of Piscirickettsia infection on the muskellunge population of Lake St. Clair

Samples of fish and invertebrates were collected from Lake St. Clair   during 2  4, 2  5, and 2  6. The Piscirickettsia sp bacteria were   found in muskellunge and yellow perch by laboratory examination. The   bacteria were present in all of the muskellunge sent to the lab based  on electron microscopy and molecular analysis using the ribosomal   RNA gene sequences. Histopathological examination on the affected   muskellunge revealed severe degeneration of the kidney glomeruli and   widespread subcutaneous edema. Based on analysis of the gonads, there  were no indications that this bacterium is present. Isolation,   electron microscopy, and molecular evidence indicated that the Virus   Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus (VHSV) genotype IV, sublineage b was   associated with an episode of muskellunge mortalities. The virus was   found in high titers in internal organs. The roles each of the VHSV   and Piscirickettsia has played in causing such mortalities remain to   be elucidated.    (Piscirickettsia); (bacteria); (Lake St. Clair); (VHS); (VHSv);   (viral hemorrhagic septicemia); (viral haemorrhagic septicaemia);   (viral hemmorrhagic septicemia)

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