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Spatial, temporal, and phase distributions of fecal coliform bacteria in Chester Creek

The Chester Creek watershed is located in the Municipality of   Anchorage (MOA), the urban center of the Anchorage Bowl in south-  central Alaska. Chester Creek flows through University Lake and   Westchester Lagoon. The state of Alaska included the entire length   of Chester Creek, University Lake and Westchester Lagoon on its 199    3 3(d) list as water quality-limited due to fecal coliform,   identifying urban runoff as the expected pollutant source. Chester   Creek routinely has the highest level of bacterial pollution of   Anchorage streams. Using information compiled from past monitoring   efforts, this project will develop and implement a monitoring plan   to determine the spatial and temporal extents of bacteria in the   stream to determine levels, timing, and sources of bacterial   pollution. This information will be used to identify the most   appropriate best management practices (BMPs) to address the bacteria   concerns.    (microbial source tracking); (MST); (bacterial source tracking);   (BST)

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