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Montana Creek Water Quality Monitoring

This project addresses an ACWA Waterbody Protection priority. More   information on Montana Creek is needed to ensure water quality and   aquatic habitat is being maintained. Montana Creek receives intense   recreational pressure especially during the Chinook and coho fishing   seasons. Environmental and Natural Resource Institute's (ENRI)   Aquatic Ecology Program will conduct water quality monitoring on   Montana Creek near Talkeetna, Alaska.   This project will:   1) sample macroinvertebrates and algae once in the fall after the   end of the coho run and once in the spring prior to the Chinook run.   ENRI will collect and process the samples using ENRI's Alaska Stream   Condition Index methodology and analyze them using the revised   macroinvertebrate index and the new diatom biological index for Cook  Inlet Basin streams;   2) collect and analyze 24 fecal coliform water samples at 3   strategic sites during July through August, 2  8 and another 24   samples at each site during May through June, 2  9 (i.e., a total of   48 fecal coliform bacteria tests at each of the three sites). ENRI   will calculate two separate 3 -day geometric mean fecal coliform   concentrations;   3) collect water temperature data July through October, 2  8 and   April through June, 2  9;   4) collect depth-integrated water samples for total suspended solids   and turbidity in July through September, 2  8 and May and June,   2  9.     (microbial source tracking); (MST); (bacterial source tracking);   (BST); turbidity; Montana; water temperature; macroinvertebrates

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Dan BoganPrincipal Investigator
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Funding 2 projects for a total of $130,022.00

Funding 1 projects for a total of $39,010.00
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