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Origin and fate of the organic matter exchanged between coastal wetland and the Great Lakes

Objectives: 1) to identify the origin of the dissolved, particulate   and coarse organic material that is exchanged (i.e., imported and   exported) between a coastal wetland (Metzger marsh) and Lake Erie   during seiche events and 2) to investigate the integration of this   organic matter into aquatic food webs. Our hypothesis is that   seiches allow detrital materials that are produced in the wetland   (i.e., macrophyte and algae) to be exported to the lake, where it is   consumed by the near-shore organisms.  Abstract:  Adjacent   ecosystems are interconnected through the transfer of energy   (nutrients, organic matter and species) that involves both   biological and nonbiological mechanisms. This notion of "coupled   systems" has been successfully applied to evaluate the exchange of   energy between riparian systems and rivers during floods, or between   salt marshes and coastal waters during tides. Despite the fact that   coastal wetlands of large lakes are also hydrologically connected to   lakes through wind-driven seiches (e.g., periodic oscillations with   irregular amplitudes of lake water level), little information   regarding the fluxes of energy between these two systems is   currently available. Until this information becomes available, it   will be difficult to determine to what extend the ecological   integrity of fresh coastal wetlands is under the dependence of such   physical external pulsing event. Through field sampling and lab   analysis, our project investigate the potential for outwelling of   organic matter from a Great Lakes

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