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Pathogen Source Tracking Core

The Pathogen and Source Tracking Core is dedicated to developing and   applying new technologies to safeguard the public from pathogen   exposures associated with coastal waters and shellfish. The function   of the core is to coordinate research projects, provide technical   support to internal and external scientists, and act as a resource   for issues related to marine microbiology. To date, the core has   successfully coordinated the research of six PIs who are developing   rapid detection technologies for bacterial and viral pathogens,   protozoan parasites, and toxin-producing algae. The Core PI has   disseminated information to other scientists, resource managers and   the interested public through publications including an EPA   microbial source tracking guide document and presentations at   scientific meetings. Core investigators have also convened a   microbial source tracking workshop that was offered at the American   Society for Microbiology, and they provided a methods demonstration   at the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference. Investigators   associated with the core have also answered requests by two   municipalities to share technologies and expertise. Overall, it is   expected that techniques developed within the pathogen and source   tracking program, coordinated by the core, will allow rapid, cost   effective, and specific identification of species and genotypes of   marine microorganisms of public health significance. These novel   techniques will aid in understanding the fate, transport, and load   of selected microorganisms in coastal ecosystems; identify host   sources of contamination; and allow resource managers to identify   best management practices to reduce or mitigate pathogens of public   health concern in coastal water systems. The coordinated approach of   the core, and the demonstrated ability to leverage the expertise of   the most qualified scientists, is expected to allow us to achieve   these outcomes at an accelerated pace (years instead of decades).    (microbial source tracking); (MST); (bacterial source tracking);   (BST)

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Jill R. StewartPrincipal Investigator
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Jay LewisResearcher
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Kelly GoodwinResearcher
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Jan GoochResearcher
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John JacobsResearcher
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Patrick BrownResearcher
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Wayne LitakerResearcher
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Funding 3 projects for a total of $600,270.00
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