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Mapping of the Stadium Artificial Reefs in the Central Basin of Lake Erie

Objectives:  The principle objective of this project is to provide  detailed maps for each of the 3 artificial reefs in the Central Basin  of Lake Erie in the offshore areas of Edgewater Park and Euclid, Ohio.  These maps will document the reef locations and characteristics. The  product will be a series of maps for each reef which will have the  following information: - A location map. - A plan view of the reef  area made from a side scan sonar mosaic to produce an electronic image  of the lake bottom in detailed resolution. - A Latitude/Longitude grid  overlay which will provide accuracy to . 2  ( 2 hundredths of a  minute). - A bathymetry contour map. - A sediment substrate map  overlay showing all sediments on the surface. Sub bottom seismic data  will also be provided which will aid in determination of sediment  types and foundation of existing material. Two sets of maps may be  produced from this data; one for general use containing location and  bottom surface resolution and one for more detailed needs  incorporating the bathymetry and geologic substrate information.

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