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In-situ Biosensors for Monitoring of Fish Physiology and Behavior via Acoustical Telemetry

Scientists will develop acoustical telemetry tags that can be  implanted in walleye and northern pike to monitor their activity,  physiology, and behavior.  This research will allow scientists to  relate physiology with behavior and use the fish as  environmental "sensors" to continually monitor environmental  conditions. To develop in situ biosensors to monitor physiological processes in  free swimming fish.  To develop implantable microelectrodes coupled  with inductive telemetry devices to monitor neural activity in fish  sensory systems and correlate it to behavior. MODIFIED OBJECTIVES 1)   Develop a sixteen channel, neural telemetry tag for use with  freshwater fish  2)   Develop the receiver hardware and software to allow for data  acquisition and fish positional information 3)   Verification of nerve regeneration in the species to allow  sieve electrode implantatio 4)   Record physiological data from free swimming fish

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Allen MensingerPrincipal Investigator
Associated with 2 projects
Minnesota Sea Grant College Program $ 38,630.00USDEstimates

Funding 30 projects for a total of $2,568,917.00
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Lake Superior
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