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Critical Elements of Brook Trout Habitat in Lake Superior

Researchers will identify the fundamental characteristics of brook  trout habitats along coastal areas of Lake Superior.  This study  will contribute to efforts to restore the "coaster" brook trout,  once abundant throughout the lake. Our objective is to determine the fundamental characteristics of  coastal habitats utilized by brook trout in Lake Superior.  This  task will be accomplished by completing the following set of sub- objectives: (1) Characterize the thermal conditions of brook trout  habitats in Lake Superior.  (2) Determine the composition,  abundance, and spatial and temporal variability of potential brook  trout food resources (i.e. zooplankton, benthic macroinvertebrate,  and forage fish) in Lake Superior.  (3) Classify and map lake  substrate and bathymetric characteristics of brook trout habitats,   These data will be combined with data pertaining to stream habitat  and watershed characteristics (Richards et al. In progress) to build  a predictive model that will identify areas in the Lake Superior  basin that are optimal for coaster brook trout reintroduction  efforts.

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Jeff SchuldtPrincipal Investigator
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Lucinda JohnsonResearcher
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Minnesota Sea Grant College Program $ 60,000.00USDEstimates

Funding 30 projects for a total of $2,568,917.00
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Impact of water quality and AIS on fish and wildlife populations and habitats
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    Annex 17
    Impact of water quality and AIS on fish and wildlife populations and habitats

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