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Validation and Field Testing of Microbial Source Tracking Methodologies in the Gulf of Mexico

The project is a multi-year effort to conduct collaborative   laboratory studies and field validations of several microbial source   tracking methods (MST) with the aim of providing accurate   methodologies thus allowing watershed and resource managers to   determine the best strategies for controlling microbial inputs to   Gulf of Mexico waters; and, to identify potential source(s) for   remediation. The project is a collaborative partnership among   scientists, academic institutions, state and federal agencies to   support and increase "effective regional interaction" thereby   improving the current state of the science knowledge and application   of real-time, field-tested methods.    (microbial source tracking); (MST); (bacterial source tracking);   (BST)

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Valerie J. HarwoodPrincipal Investigator
Associated with 4 projects
Environmental Protection Agency $ 875,907.00USDActual

Funding 21 projects for a total of $7,345,444.00
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Field Investigation
Laboratory Investigation
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Human Health

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