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Time course study of in situ expression of antigens following DNA-vaccination against VHS in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum) fry

This study was performed as a time course study of fish vaccinated   with 2  mg plasmid DNA vaccine encoding either the VHSV G-protein or   the VHSV N-protein. Samples of the injection site were collected   sequentially over a 7-week period. The study revealed an intense   positive staining by immunohistochemistry for the viral G-protein  mainly in the membrane of intact myocytes, most prominent by days 1    to 27, and with concomitant infiltration of inflammatory cells by   days 13 to 38 that subsequently lead to a marked reduction in the   number of myocytes expressing the G-protein. By immunofluorescence,   infiltrating cells positive for MHC II, IgM, and C3 were   demonstrated. By contrast, in fish vaccinated with the VHSV-N   construct, fewer, diffusely positive myocytes were found, most   prominent by days 13 to 38, these having a positive reaction for the   N-protein mainly in the cytoplasm and variably in the membrane. N-  protein positive myocytes did not attract infiltrating cells to the   same degree. Positive reaction for the N-protein almost ceased by   day 48 post-vaccination.    (VHS); (VHSv); (viral hemorrhagic septicemia); (viral haemorrhagic   septicaemia); (viral hemmorrhagic septicemia)

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    Annex 17
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