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Enhanced monitoring of water quality in tributaries discharging to the Central Basin of Lake Erie

The watersheds which drain to the central basin on the Canadian   shores are heavily developed as agricultural lands and feature   multiple small communities.  Recreational beaches are distributed   over the shoreline.   A number of small to moderate size tributaries   drain to the shoreline, the discharge from which is likely a key   contributor to variability in water quality along the shoreline of   the lake.     Concurrent with the lake-based studies, detailed information on   quality and quantity of water discharging to the shoreline is   needed.  Information on tributary discharge is needed to interpret   watershed impacts on nearshore water quality and will also be a key   input to planned numerical modelling of hydrodynamic conditions and   conservative features of water quality in the nearshore.     This project will enhance the frequency of collection of water   quality samples from the four largest tributaries over the study area   (shoreline from Port Stanley to Port Burwell) through cooperation   with local Conservation Authorities.  Ongoing sampling a moderate to   high frequency in addition to event sampling will be required to   capture the wide range in conditions which are anticipated over the   study period.     

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