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Evaluating the negative effect of benthic egg predators on bloater recruitment in northern Lake Michigan

As the only extant deepwater cisco in Lake Michigan, bloater is at a   very low level of abundance but has historically undergone dramatic   oscillations in recruitment. In previous research, Bunnell et al.   (2  6) found strong bloater recruitment to correlate with balanced   sex ratios. Subsequent unpublished work reveals that the negative   effect of female predominance and other potential factors are not   sufficient to explain recent poor recruitment in Lake Michigan.   However, we found a strong inverse relationship between slimy   sculpin biomass and bloater recruitment: recruitment declines non-  linearly with increasing slimy sculpin biomass. We hypothesize that   slimy sculpins consume bloater eggs during the period of bloater egg   deposition and incubation (January ? April) because previous   laboratory and field studies have found slimy sculpin to be highly   effective egg predators.  If our hypothesis is correct, then the   recent record-high densities of slimy sculpin may be limiting   bloater recruitment and a potential bloater recovery.  In addition,   we will investigate the role of other benthic egg predators (i.e.,   deepwater sculpins, round gobies) on bloater recruitment success.    Our work has three objectives: 1) Estimate consumption rates of   bloater eggs by benthic egg predators during January to April 2  9   and 2 1  based on field and laboratory data. 2) Determine whether   benthic predator biomass densities and egg consumption rates are   sufficiently large to limit production of age-  bloaters in 2  9 and   2 1 . 3) Determine whether incorporation of consumption by benthic   predators on bloater population egg production significantly   improves the fit of the Lake Michigan bloater stock/recruit model   (using years 1962 to 2 1 ). 

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