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Remote Operated Vehicle Investigations of Cladophora in Lake Michigan

The Great Lakes Water Studies Institute (GLWSI), the National Parks   Service (NPS) Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and the   University of Michigan Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratories (MHL) are   conducting Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) investigations of   Cladophora mats in conjunction with the Type E Botulism outbreaks   along the Lake Michigan coastline.     This project uses a Seabotix LBV 15  ROV, a state of the art water   quality sensor (mounted on the ROV), to transect through the   Cladophora mat fields and identify the volume of decaying mats and   visualizing the presence and migration patterns of goby in and   around the mat structure. Field sites include areas around South   Manitou Island, North Manitou Island and offshore of Platte Point.   Two separate experimental investigations are being conducted. The   first investigation is scheduled in August and the second set is   scheduled for October.      (botulism); (Clostridium botulinum); (type E botulism);   (cladophora); (algal bloom); (algal blooms); (eutrophication); (Lake   Michigan); (AIS); (aquatic invasive species); (ANS); (aquatic   nuisance species); (goby); (round goby); (Neogobius melanostomus);   (gobies)

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Hans Van SumerenPrincipal Investigator
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National Park Service $ 8,000.00USDEstimates

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