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Identification and Enumeration of Pathogenic Bacteriophages in the Waters Surrounding Presque Isle State Park

Bacterial contamination of drinking/swimming water is a pandemic   problem that accounts for a large percentage of the 1.8 million   water-borne deaths and illness reported to the World Health   Organization (WHO) annually. Strikingly, a large proportion of these   ailments are the result of infection of bacteria by a bacteriophage   that produces toxins that are pathogenic to humans. Despite the   intimate link between the presence of bacteriophages in water to   human illness, little work has been done to identify and quantify   pathogenic bacteriophages to accurately gauge how safe a particular   water sample is for human consumption and/or occupancy.     This grant application seeks funding to perform these types of   studies in swimming waters in the vicinity of Presque Isle State   Park in Erie, Pennsylvania, an area that has been shown to possess   high bacterial loads and contaminated sediments. The specific goals   of this grant are to: 1) Identify and quantify pathogenic and other   bacteriophages in the beach waters of Presque Isle State Park, 2)   Determine sources of non-point pollution of these beach waters by   sampling inlet streams in a similar manner, 3) Establish   methodologies to reduce the current turnover time between sampling   water and reporting results from 24 hours to less than 4 hours.     Since these beach waters are utilized recreationally by   approximately 4 million pedestrians annually, the impact of these   studies should not only contribute to our knowledge of pathogenic   virioplankton in beach waters, but could be utilized to reform   current methods that determine beach water quality in an effort to   increase human safety.    (MST); (microbial source tracking); (BST); (bacterial source   tracking); (beach closures); (beach closure); (beach closings);   (beach closing); (bacteriophages); (bacteriophage); (non-point   pollution); (non point pollution)

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