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Great Lakes Permeability Index Planning

This team will develop a detailed project plan for the creation of   an operational Great Lakes Cities Permeability Index (GLCPI), an   assessment tool aimed at measuring and advancing the use of green   infrastructure and its impacts on improving the water quality of the   Great Lakes. The GLCPI will include: a registry of green   infrastructure improvements (including rain barrels, rain gardens,   green roofs, vegetated filter strips, greenways, and other methods   of capturing stormwater on-site); a Geographic Information System   (GIS) to display permeable and impermeable land cover, soils,   stormwater infrastructure, and stormwater problem areas for each   participating municipality; and, a "green values" calculator to   quantify the cost-effectiveness of registered and potential green   infrastructure improvements and the amount of pollutant(s) removed   by each feature. The work will convene stakeholders and subject   matter experts to build a comprehensive work plan for future pilot   tests of the GLCPI.     (water quality); (rain barrel); (rain garden); (green roof);   (vegetated filter strip); (greenway); (stormwater); (pollutants);   (pollutant)

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