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Developing New Financing Products for Great Lakes Ecosystem Restoration

This project will lead to healthier Areas of Concern (AOCs) around   the Great Lakes Basin. A robust team of ecosystem and finance   experts will develop and deploy finance tools to generate   approximately $5  million in revenues. Ecosystem experts will work   alongside public and private finance professionals to deploy tax   increment financing (TIF) toward innovative, regional purpose - the   clean up of contaminated sediment, the construction of wet-weather   discharge controls and the restoration of wetlands. State bonding   authority professionals will work with the applicant to outline a   policy strategy to launch a shared regional bond vehicle. The   project will also serve as a platform to engage finance experts,   stakeholders and local leaders throughout the Basin in the design   and deployment of innovative ecosystem restoration finance vehicles.    (area of concern); (areas of concern); (AOC); (AOC's); (AOCs);   (great lakes restoration); (restoration)

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