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A Regional Finance Strategy to Restore the Health of the Great Lakes

The ultimate goal of this project is to stop the contamination of   streams, rivers, beaches, and coastlines by the release of untreated   or partially treated waters from sanitary, storm, and combined sewer   systems or other run-off. A team of lawyers, finance experts, agency   representatives and others will develop an implementation plan for   one or more new finance program(s) that will create new, low-cost,   flexible capital to be used for activities described in the   Strategy. The plan will be developed in conjunction with, and   designed to operate along side of, existing state revolving loan   funds (SRF) and environmental bond programs. The value is the new   type of financing arrangements that are developed, not necessarily   the creation of a new regional entity. New tax credits and multi-  state tax exemptions will be explored to leverage federal   commitments and lower the "bill" for the activities identified under   the Regional Collaboration's Strategy. The regional program that   results may be changes to, and new strategies embedded in, existing   state programs.    (Great Lakes protection); (protection); (restoration); (Great Lakes   restoration); (contamination); (pollution)

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