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Does adult body condition affect recruitment potential in lake whitefish?

Declines in annual yield, length- and weight-at-age, and body   condition of lake whitefish have all declined dramatically since the   early 199 s. These declines have been largely attributed to the   invasion of zebra mussels, which appears to have contributed to the   lake-wide disappearance of the benthic amphipod Diporeia, the   primary prey of whitefish. This research will contribute to our   understanding of trophic food-web impacts on recruitment dynamics of   lake whitefish in Lake Michigan and provide critical information   necessary for improving fishery yield forecasts. Further, this   project will directly contribute to our understanding of the   mechanisms directing recruitment dynamics of whitefish in Lake   Michigan and help to identify indices of fish health that federal,   state, and tribal natural resource management agencies can use to   monitor first-year growth, survival, and natural mortality of   juvenile whitefish.    (whitefish); (lake whitefish); (Lake Michigan); (Coregonus   clupeaformis)

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