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Effect of activity on bioenergetics model performance in the laboratory

     Based on recent evaluations of the Wisconsin fish bioenergetics   models in the laboratory, some scientists have concluded that the   models for all fish species contain a systematic bias in that the   models underestimate food consumption at relatively high feeding   rates.  These scientists attributed this systematic bias to an error   associated with the egestion, excretion, or specific dynamic action   submodels within the bioenergetics model.  Further, these scientists   advocated that a correction factor be used in applying the   bioenergetics model to fish in the field.  Other scientists have   contended that this underestimation of food consumption is simply an   artifact of fish being confined to a laboratory tank with very   limited swimming activity while ingesting food at a high rate.    Moreover, this underestimation of food consumption was attributable   to an increase in resting metabolic rate, and this increase in   resting metabolic rate would not occur if the fish were actively   swimming.  If this underestimation of food consumption was indeed   due to increased resting metabolic rate brought about by limited   swimming activity while confined in a laboratory tank, then this   underestimation of food consumption would not be expected in the   field, where fish would not be confined to such a small volume of   water.  Consequently, a correction factor would be unnecessary in   applying the bioenergetics model to fish in the field.                The primary objective of this study is to determine whether   performance of fish bioenergetics models in the laboratory is   influenced by the level of fish activity.     

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