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Lake Ontario Coastal Nutrient Pollution Assessment

This project consists of two sub-projects:    In Project 1, a survey to determine extent of pollution in nearshore   areas and tributaries of Lake Ontario as a basis for adaptive   management to restore and remediate the coastal region of Lake   Ontario is proposed.     Basic research on the structure and function of freshwater aquatic   ecosystems is proposed in Project 2 to improve understanding of the   ecological characteristics necessary to the maintenance of the   biological integrity of the pelagic zone of Lake Ontario. Data   collected will provide information on structure and function of the   pelagic food web of the Lake Ontario ecosystem and will improve our   understanding of the ecological characteristics necessary to the   maintenance of the biological integrity of Lake Ontario. A detailed   reconstruction of the Cercopagis and Bythotrephes invasion and the   new sampling will extend the historical times series of these   predatory cladocerans in Lake Ontario allowing simulations of the   event. Also, a temporally staggered before/after - invasion time   series for multiple local habitats (nearshore and offshore) should   allow identification of the most common response to the Cercopagis   invasion, as well as a range of possible responses.     (AIS); (ANS); (aquatic invasive species); (aquatic nuisance   species); (Lake Ontario); (nutrient loading); (eutrophication);   (algal bloom); (algal blooms); (Bythotrephes cederstroemi);   (Bythotrephes); (Cercopagis); (Spiny water flea); (nearshore);   (fishhook water flea); (water flea); (waterflea); (water fleas);   (waterfleas)

In progress
Start Date
End Date
Joseph MakarewiczPrincipal Investigator
Associated with 3 projects
Environmental Protection Agency $ 146,000.00USDEstimates

Funding 21 projects for a total of $7,345,444.00
Scope of Study
Field Investigation
Laboratory Investigation
Scale of Phenomena
Impact of Pollutants
Exotic Species
Nutrients, Including Phosphorus
Land Use and Habitat
Lake Basin Connecting Channels
Lake Ontario
State Province
New York
Purpose of Project
Loadings Determination
Trend Assessment
Region Being Monitored
Near and OpenShore Waters
Resource Being Monitored
Emission / Release / Discharge / Waste Management
Plankton / Microorganisms
Societal/Surface Water
Beneficial Use Impairment Assessments
Degradation of Phytoplankton or Zooplankton Populations
Eutrophication or Undesirable Algae
Ecosystem Effects
Food Web Structure
Spread of Established ANS Populations
Range of Spread
Annex Numbers
Control of Phosphorus
Research & Development

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