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Surveying the Science Information Needs of Conservation Authorities in Ontario

This project seeks to gather intelligence on the use of and access to  science by program managers and policy makers involved in the work of  conservation authorities, as well as more specifically SPCs use and  access to science in the context of the SWP planning process.  The  findings are expected to enlighten the future development of SWP   plans and subsequently expanded to improve the deployment of science   in integrated watershed management plans and policies for the Great   Lakes region.      This research is intended to recommend methods of improved governance  and science based decision making through a refined science-policy  liaison regime.  This work will be of relevance to the Environment  Canada's S&T Liaison Division who is interested in better  understanding the needs of science users/practitioners, towards  developing more effective knowledge brokering approaches and tools.  

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Gail KrantzbergPrincipal Investigator
Associated with 3 projects

Funding 13 projects for a total of $134,000.00
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Lake Basin Connecting Channels
Detroit River
Lake Erie
Lake Huron
Lake Michigan
Lake Ontario
Lake St. Clair
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Niagara River
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St. Marys River
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