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Quantifying the Impact of Land Cover Change and of Climate Change on Floods in Northeastern Illinois

Trend analysis of the annual flood peaks on twelve small urbanizing   watersheds in the northeastern Illinois indicated that the annual   peaks increased in the recent decades. The increase in peaks can be   explained by intensive urbanization, which is generally considered a   major contributor to the increase in flood peaks. In addition,   recent precipitation studies pointed to increasing intensity and   frequency of the heavy rainfall, which could have further increased   the flood peaks. A hydrologic model was calibrated on two large   floods (1954 and 1996) containing simultaneous hourly rainfall-  runoff data on all 12 watersheds (1954). It was demonstrated that   significant increase in precipitation, and land-use change occurred   between 1954 and 1996. Precipitation frequency analysis for   different time periods was calculated based on L-moments, hydrologic   parameters for different land-use categories were determined using   Geographical Information System (GIS), and hydrologic analysis was   performed using the HEC-HMS model.     This study quantified the increase in flood peaks between 1954 and   1996; quantified the increase in calculated design precipitation;   identified the land-use changes in the watershed areas; identified   the relative contributions of land cover change and climate change   on increasing flood discharges; compared the published regulatory   discharges with flood discharges computed for current conditions;   and provided tools to analyze future land use and climate scenarios.    (land use); (climate change); (floods); (flood); (flooding);   (Illinois); (precipitation); (rainfall-runoff); (flood frequency)

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