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Forecasting Spread and Bio-economic Impacts of AIS from Multiple Pathways to Improve Management and Policy in the Great Lakes

FY 2012 activities of this project represent a continuation of a 5-year award by NOAA to the University of Notre Dame using NOAA base funding and GLRI funds from EPA to fully support the grant. The project is also Action 2.4.5 of the Asian Carp Control Strategy Framework. This project combines scientific, economic, risk analysis, and management expertise to increase capabilities for forecasting both ecological and economic impact of current and future species invasions, quantify major uncertainties and ways to reduce uncertainty, and identify actions to improve cost effective management of invasive species in the Great Lakes (GL). Without accurate forecasts of the arrival and bio-economic impact of non-indigenous species, natural resource management cannot cost effectively respond to current invasions or prevent future invasions.

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