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Expanded Mussel Watch AOC Assessment

NOAA’s Mussel Watch Program (MWP) monitors the status and trends of chemical contamination and effects in U.S. coastal waters, including the Great Lakes. It is the longest continuous coastal monitoring program that is national in scope each year. This study will quantify legacy contaminants and trace elements in dreissenid mussels and sediment, screen for bioindicators of contaminant exposure in dreissenid mussels, characterize benthic infauna composition and conduct sediment toxicity assays to obtain relevant data that support removal of BUIs directly or indirectly and subsequent delisting of Areas of Concern (AOCs) in the Great Lakes. Specific objectives for FY13 work are:1) Determination of spatial distribution of contamination in mussels within AOCs before and after planned remedial actions to assess remedy effectiveness; and 2) Determination of sediment contamination and benthic infauna composition using natural and artificial substrates to address degradation of benthos BUI. 

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